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2023 Galaxy Star Projector

2023 Galaxy Star Projector

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A very impressive little spaceman lamp that can produce a number of funky projections in your homes. Easy to operate via the included remote control, or simply via his little jet powered back pack. The colourful nebula clouds can be set to red, green, blue, red/green, blue/green, blue/red, all colours together, and a morph setting that scrolls through all the colours. The laser stars can be set to static, or there are settings that 'pulse' or 'breathe' at different rates. When controlling with the remote control you can also set one of two timer functions, when setting the sleep timer for 45 minutes a little blue LED lights on the backpack, and when setting the 90 minute timer, it lights up red.

The astronaut itself stands at 22.5cm tall, and its space helmet is magnetic, allowing it to rotate in any direction, and is connected to the body by a cable that looks like an umbilical cable or air line. The buttons for all the settings (apart from timer) are mounted on to the back pack, and there are only three, one to switch the lamp on and off, then a nebula button, simply keep pressing to scroll through the colour options, or long press to turn off, and a star button that again just needs short presses to scroll the 'breathe' or 'pulse' rates of the stars (lasers), and again a long press to turn the lasers off.

Please note, this item is NOT A TOY it contains real laser lighting, if used in kids rooms it should be placed out of reach, and have the lasers pointing away from anyone's eye level! It comes with a 1.8m USB cable that should be plugged into a 5V 1A USB port.

Great executive desk lamp
Funky bedside lamp
Great for gamers
22.5cm Tall
1.8m USB 5V 1A white cable
Laser wavelength 532mm
LED power <5W
Remote control - Requires 2 x AAA batteries
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